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Clearance Hot Pink Padded Crutch Covers & Matching Bag Set, Best Value Combo Deal! One size fits all standard underarm crutches. SAVE 36% - BUY NOW $44.98!
Retail Price: $69.90
Our Price: Save 36% $44.98
79 Reviews


We received a great buy on this season's athletic hot pink double thick fabric from our supplier and we are passing the savings on to you!  Best value combo padded crutch covers & matching bag set contains 

  • 2 underarm covers and 2 wrap hand grip covers with 4 pieces of removable highly engineered, contoured design padding 
  • 1 matching crutch bag
To outfit your crutches, simply stretch the covers over the standard rubber pads that come with your crutches and attach with hook and loop for an instant fit.
Crutcheze Padded Crutch Covers Features & Benefits- 

  • Made from the finest materials that are resistant to body oils and perspiration.
  • Covers have a pocket enabling you to remove Crutcheze padding or add more padding.  Additionally, hand grip cover pocket can be used to carry small items, such as money, keys, cellphones, etc.
  • Hand grip covers are reversible for dual wear.
  • Underarm padding has a 1 inch rise high-tech contoured design that tapers to 1/4" on both sides of crutch, which provides superior support and extra comfort.
  • Hand grip padding has a body-weight sensitive design that starts at ½” and tapers to ¼” to alleviate hand stress and pressure plus provide a secure fit.   
  • One size fits all standard youth and adult underarm crutches. 
  • Machine wash, cold water, line dry.
  • Made in USA of domestic foam padding and imported stretch fabric.  We do NOT use fleece fabric in any of our products.
  • Product is latex free.
  • Wt: 3.2 oz.

Crutcheze Crutch Bag Features & Benefits -

  • Main pouch is stretchable, water proof, stain resistant, bacteria/fungus resistant, lightweight, soft to the touch and washable.
  • Plenty of room to carry all of your personal items, including water bottles, electronic devices, wallets, etc.
  • Pouch features an inside liner pocket to securely carry and access your cell phone, iPod, etc.
  • Bag easily attaches to crutch and adjusts to reach at underarm or hand grip with removable, adjustable straps.
  • Made in USA of imported stretch fabric.  We do NOT use fleece fabric in any of our products. 
  • Specs - 6.5"W x 9"L.  One size fits all standard underarm crutches. 
  • Wt: 1.8 oz.  

Need extra padding?  Call us toll free at 1-877-871-8989.

We use the most innovative materials, technology and designs to produce our high quality products, which are designed by healthcare professionals and tested by independent testers to ensure the highest standards resulting in 1000's of satisfied customers.

Need overnight shipping?  Call us toll free for quote 1-877-871-8989  

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Customer Rating
based on 79 reviews
Customer Review
Good purchase experience
on 03/12/2017 by Crutcheze Customer
Good purchase experience. Patricia, MD
Perfect solution
on 10/06/2016 by Crutcheze Customer
Perfect solution for my 11 y.o. on crutches. Moving around at school she can put some things in the side bag and be more independent. Kimberly, VA
works great!
on 09/21/2016 by Crutcheze Customer
Product as described and works great! service was prompt and as expected. I would recommend! Tammy, KY
very fashionable and comfortable
on 08/29/2016 by Crutcheze Customer
These crutch accessories have been the best, very fashionable and comfortable. I had no issues with ordering and receiving the items. They were easy to put on my crutches and have made my time on crutches much more comfortable and easy. Definitely recommend to others who are going to be on crutches for an extended period of time. Heather, NY
Loved the color!
on 04/01/2016 by Crutcheze Customer
Loved the color! These pads make a big difference in the comfort of crutches. If you have to be on crutches for any length of time, these are a must...along with the pouch! Karen, CA
My crutches are sooo much more comfortable now
on 11/22/2015 by Crutcheze Customer
My crutches are soooo much more comfortable now, and I received so many comments on my first outing. Thank you for making the next 6 weeks a little easier. Carrie, WA
A must for anyone on crutches long term!
on 10/25/2015 by Crutcheze Customer
These crutch pads and crutch pouch are a must for anyone on crutches long term! The condensed foam really helped ease the soreness under my arms and hands. I had been using folded wash clothes for my crutches until I found Crutcheze pads online. I wish I had ordered these sooner! Arrived on time. I definately recommend Crutcheze!!! Desiree, CA
Great product
on 10/20/2015 by Crutcheze Customer
Great product. Debra, NJ
Great product
on 09/23/2015 by Crutcheze Customer
Great product, impressive cushioning Item arried quickly without any problems. Lisa, MN
Great ☺️
on 09/02/2015 by Crutcheze Customer
Great, thank you ☺️ a2zdogtraining
Excellent product
on 08/27/2015 by Crutcheze Customer
Excellent product that arrived exactly when promised. Very satisfied with my purchase. Susan, MA
Very pleased
on 08/23/2015 by Crutcheze Customer
Very pleased with the prompt delivery of what I ordered. Kelly, MO
Amazing product!
on 08/10/2015 by Crutcheze Customer
Fast shipping and amazing product! Saved my arms while having to use crutches for 3 weeks. Donna, TX
Would buy from Crutcheze again
on 08/09/2015 by Crutcheze Customer
Very fast shipping, accurate description. Would buy from Crutcheze again. Tracy, LA
NO pain
on 07/22/2015 by Crutcheze Customer
Just get them when I left the er and they told me how long I was gonna be on crutches I went to a pharmacy to get my prescriptions filled o the pain...I use em more than my scooter NO pain I'm 5.6 200 pounds just get them, Vanessa, WA
Great product
on 07/19/2015 by Crutcheze Customer
Great product Simplified my life on crutches, Luisa, FL
Thank you
on 07/02/2015 by Crutcheze Customer
Thank you for packing the crutch pads and the bag together. Julia, LA
I am very happy!
on 05/07/2015 by Crutcheze Customer
They were well packaged and exactly as described. I am very happy! Renee, FL
This was a life-saver!
on 03/17/2015 by Crutcheze Customer
This was a life-saver! I could put my oversize water bottle, keys and phone in the pouch and get from room to room with ease. Kristine, NY
on 03/15/2015 by Crutcheze Customer
Great! Courtney, CT
This is terrific!
on 03/06/2015 by Crutcheze Customer
This is terrific! I could take my cell phone and tissues with me and they weren't in my way. Dawni, AK
Fabulous invention!
on 02/27/2015 by Crutcheze Customer
No need to wear a back pack while using crutches. Easily attaches to crutch, fits my wallet and phone. Fabulous invention! Cute too. Linda, CA
Prompt delivery
on 02/27/2015 by Crutcheze Customer
Prompt delivery. Jan, CA
Great Job!
on 10/12/2014 by Crutcheze Customer
Great Job! Bryan, MO
worth the purchase
on 08/01/2014 by Crutcheze Customer
I ordered these to add some cushion, they did help for the two weeks I used them. Crutches suck so anything to make it less miserable is worth the purchase. I found a knee scooter and was able to rent so I didn't need these any more. Elaine, CA
on 08/01/2014 by Crutcheze Customer
LOVE THESE!!!!! Even better than described, I get compliments on them wherever I go! The pads are super-comfy, the pouch has been a life saver the past two months, Around the house, the pouch holds my cell phone, water bottle and any other items I need to transport. When I leave the house, the pouch conveniently holds my wallet, car keys and cell phone. GREAT PRODUCTS - HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! Nicole, MI
Very practical
on 07/28/2014 by Crutcheze Customer
Very practical, Cassaundra, CA
Very practical
on 07/28/2014 by Crutcheze Customer
Very practical, Cassaundra, CA
LOVE these!
on 07/03/2014 by Crutcheze Customer
LOVE these! I get lots of complements + they feel better than pads alone. LeAnne, CA
highly recommend
on 07/03/2014 by Crutcheze Customer
I've had to use crutches many times in my life, and knowing I had six weeks of them this time prompted me to order these. They make the crutches so much more comfortable. The hand grips become a little wider, but not so wide that they are uncomfortable to use. The underarm covers have a nice cushion to them and definitely decrease the pain and discomfort in that area. I highly recommend them. Rosanne, MI
on 06/23/2014 by Crutcheze Customer
Efficient, effective transactions - excellent service, Andrew, CA
Product is perfect!
on 06/14/2014 by Crutcheze Customer
Thank you so much! Fastest delivery I've ever had!! Product is perfect! sree6016
extremely helpful
on 05/21/2014 by Crutcheze Customer
This is extremely helpful with having to get around on crutches and not being able to carry anything in my own hands/arms. Thank you for providing this very useful attachment. Amaris, NJ
Life is much easier now
on 04/24/2014 by Crutcheze Customer
Life is much easier now. Or as easy as it gets on crutches. Matt, WI
Not my first time buying this product
on 04/15/2014 by Crutcheze Customer
Not my first time buying this product, and I always suggest them to anyone unfortunate enough to be on crutches. Shelly, OK
Thank you
on 03/31/2014 by Crutcheze Customer
Thank you, Tamala, MI
Great gift!
on 02/22/2014 by Crutcheze Customer
Great gift! Doug, FL
Beyond our expectations
on 02/08/2014 by Crutcheze Customer
Beyond our expectations. This was great for the time we had to use crutches. Jon, AR
comfortable and cute
on 12/11/2013 by Crutcheze Customer
Made the crutches much more comfortable (and cute, of course). Jennifer, CA
A very excellent product
on 12/03/2013 by Crutcheze Customer
A very excellent product with great service. I will never use crutches without these! Kathryn, SC
such a help
on 10/07/2013 by Crutcheze Customer
Our fourteen year old had to start high school on crutches - for eight weeks. We heard about these pads from a friend and immediately ordered them for her. They have been such a help plus she loves the hot pink color. The little bag that attaches carries her phone and pen - perfect. Thank you for your prompt service - they were waiting when we got home from the hospital. Debra, NY
Absolutely love these crutch pads!
on 09/20/2013 by Crutcheze Customer
Absolutely love these crutch pads! I am a college student and have a full time schedule and I was dreading having to crutch around campus all day but these are so comfortable and not to mention fashionable too! The carry pouch makes it so easy to have my cell phone, wallet and keys handy! I don't know what I would do with out it! Tiare, CA
on 09/11/2013 by Crutcheze Customer
Great! Thanks! datbkpapito
Thank you!
on 09/11/2013 by Crutcheze Customer
Thank you! I would not survive 6 weeks on crutches without these accessories. Annamarie, CA
on 09/01/2013 by Crutcheze Customer
The accessories allowed my wife to bring along necessities while on crutches following two surgeries. Definitely pleased with purchase...Albert, FL
So much more comfortable
on 08/17/2013 by Crutcheze Customer
Thank you!! So much more comfortable than the regular crutch padding... Ginger, AL
medical staff love them
on 08/17/2013 by Crutcheze Customer
Always get compliments on these and a lot of people ask me where I bought them. The medical staff always say they have never seen these before and love them. Leslie, CA
really helps
on 08/17/2013 by Crutcheze Customer
Excellent, my underarms were bruised with the use of crutches this really helps, Adel, NY
No problems!
on 06/22/2013 by Crutcheze Customer
No problems! David NY
buy these pads & bag
on 06/22/2013 by Crutcheze Customer
very cute and gel cushion helped with my armpit and hand soreness from got a lil dirty from sweaty hands and armpits after a couple weeks in hot weather but im sure I can hand wash it clean.crutch bag was perfect for cell&water bottle&money&keys since a purse isn't comfortable on crutches the bag came in handy.make your long recovery easier&buy these pads&bag its worth it. Alise, CA
Life can be good, even with crutches!
on 06/16/2013 by Crutcheze Customer
You can't imagine the comments I get about my crutches! The bag is great, I keep my needs and phone in one pocket and use the other four my diet Pepsi. Life can be good, even with crutches! Cynthia MN
I love them
on 06/12/2013 by Crutcheze Customer
I love them. I get many comments on them. I have told multiple people, including the Ortho doctor's office where to get them. Debi F
These are a must if you are using crutches!
on 05/19/2013 by Crutcheze Customer
These are a must if you are using crutches! Susan, FL
life saver
on 05/10/2013 by Crutcheze Customer
What a life saver these are. Could not have made it this far without them. Delivered quickly, great deal, easy to use. Claudia RI
on 04/14/2013 by Crutcheze Customer
Your company and conviction to customer service is superior. I'm so nervous for my hip surgery on Monday and knowing my pink pads/bag are coming in just puts a smile on my face. Being an OT.... means it's all about living a meaningful life. If these dang crutches are going to be an extension of me for a long time then they will be covered in pink/comfort. AudraK
on 04/08/2013 by Crutcheze Customer
The padded crutch covers were a godsend, very comfortable and held up nicely. The bag is an absolute necessity - love the cell phone pocket. I also got a lot of compliments on the hot pink color from my doctors and nurses. Belinda N
definitely a happy customer here
on 03/21/2013 by Crutcheze Customer
definitely a happy customer here. Diane CA
Should I get them
on 02/16/2013 by Crutcheze Customer
I do not know if I should get one, I'm having surgery and I know that I need crutches, but don't know if I should get these?? At suggestions?
Love love love them
on 01/23/2013 by Crutcheze Customer
They just arrived today. Love love love them. Thank you!!! Karen, CA
Item as described
on 01/04/2013 by Crutcheze Customer
Good transaction. Item as described. schwabdog
all good
on 11/28/2012 by Crutcheze Customer
all good, hibbs318
Awesome product
on 09/20/2012 by Crutcheze Customer
Awesome product and great color! Thank you ! snathad
Life saver!
on 09/07/2012 by Crutcheze Customer
I am on week 3 of being on crutches after hip surgery with another 2 weeks to go! The crutcheze pads have made such a difference and the bag has been a life saver! Carrying drinks, the cordless phone, my cell phone, keys, lollipops I grab at Doctor's appointments to bring home for my 4-year old daughter, etc. Also, I receive so many compliments everywhere I go - on the look of the crutches and also how handy the bag is. I have left information for Crutcheze at my Orthopedics Office and my Physical Therapy Office. Hopefully it can bring you a few sales. I am so happy with your products. Thanks again, Megan P
She loves them!
on 07/25/2012 by Crutcheze Customer
Just referred someone to you while waiting at the Dr's office with my Mom. She loves them! Thank you!! Kristy, TX
Great products
on 07/01/2012 by Crutcheze Customer
Great products and great service. Thanks! chavo19
on 07/01/2012 by Crutcheze Customer
Perfect!!!!! Fast, fast shipping, they feel great, Love the bag!!!! miscforsale93
on 05/28/2012 by Crutcheze Customer
I love them
on 03/27/2012 by Crutcheze Customer
Thank you, I love them, they make my crutches more comfortable, lilcoug
on 02/02/2012 by Crutcheze Customer
Highly Recommend! Great Product! Excellent Customer Service! A+++++++++
The Best!!!!
on 02/02/2012 by Crutcheze Customer
The Best!!!! Want More!!!! A+++++++ tjartist2000
on 02/02/2012 by Crutcheze Customer
Very Happy
on 02/02/2012 by Crutcheze Customer
I was very happy with the crutch pads I ordered.
I love the hot pink padding!
on 02/02/2012 by Crutcheze Customer
I love the hot pink padding! Kristine, Washington
Your crutch pads are wonderful
on 11/16/2011 by Crutcheze Customer
I am a physical therapist....Your crutch pads are wonderful. I wrote your web-site and phone number in our Ortho office where I work for future reference for our staff (to give to patients). Katie
Great product
on 10/30/2011 by Crutcheze Customer
This place is awesome...great product that really helped out a kid in pain. Super fast shipping! Overall excellent experience! Kathryn A.
Just as advertised
on 10/30/2011 by Crutcheze Customer
Very happy with services; items arrived quickly and just as advertised. Maria B.
Very pleased
on 08/10/2011 by Crutcheze Customer
Got the hot pink padded covers and grips this past Saturday and installed them on my wife's crutches. She is very pleased with them and says they make the crutches much more tolerable. Bill, NC
Pretty cool, indeed!
on 07/11/2011 by Crutcheze Customer
You have heard from me before. I have another WONDERFUL thing to say about them. I was sitting on my patio watering plants, etc. when the water "got" away from me. It totally soaked the top of one of my Crutcheze (the underarm part). I tell you, in no time it was dry! Pretty cool, indeed! Thanks, Marcia, Arizona USA
Absolutely Fantastic Crutch Pad Covers
on 07/11/2011 by Crutcheze Customer
I just want to say how absolutely fantastic the crutch pad covers are. I ordered the hot pink since they were on clearance. They are really pretty, easy to put on and are a great value! Thank you! Marcia, Arizona USA

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