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Finally off crutches after 2.5wks
(just walking cast for broken foot now)
But owe this pic to Crutcheze Thanks :P
" hooked up by 
with some of your Crutcheze pads,
which are great!!!"
"Your product was a lifesaver. 
They helped my daughter so much and
everyone loved the design." 
Martha, North Carolina USA 
 I could not be happier!!
Not only do they look awesome, they feel great,
such a relief to my aching arms and hands!
I am now recovering in style AND comfort!
I will recommend Crutcheze to all my
future crutch bound patients.
Thank you for a incredible product,
super fast shipping and great customer service!!
Kara M, Viriginia, USA
Hip Chicks Post by Kristin Elam

"I just got themthey are soooo cute and colorful and cushy and they got here fast!!!  And I got them on clearance price!!  I am soooo happy!!!  Thank you so much!!!!" Jami, California, USA

"Thank you so much.  I received them yesterday.  They have been such a big help.  My hands were raw and the side of my torso was raw as well.  I was using bike gloves for padding for my hands.  But, these are so much better. My crutches are so comfortable now.  I am a Physical Therapist Assistant. I will be recommending Crutcheze to all my crutch patients."  Wynette, California USA
"These crutch pads are a must have!! They come in awesome colors, not just black, so hit up their website to see all of them. They are very, very comfortable. I also purchased the crutch bag. Where has THIS been all my life??? It's fabulous to not have to ask for things to be brought to me any more, because now I can just put items into the bag and not worry about falling and hurting myself.  A huge relief and help to me.  All their products are very well made and durable. I also run a Facebook page for people with disabilities, and have featured Crutcheze on my site as I believe in spreading the word when I find a good, quality product for those of us with disabilities.  Find me at  Hope this helps everyone!! Paula K aka "Wheels" of Wheels and the Legman
"I love the items I ordered.  They will help a miserable event be a bit more enjoyable.  Thank you for the prompt service and the high quality merchandiseI am leery of ordering things sight unseen and I am impressed with your quality and price."  Carol, Iowa, USA
"I am a physical therapist....Your crutch pads are wonderful!  I wrote your web-site and phone number in our Ortho office where I work for future reference for our staff (to give to patients)." Katie, Colorado USA
"I love your products! I can't say enough good about them. As a 51 yr old woman needing crutches, your products are a life saver! Your product is awesome...shipping FAST! Vicki, Michigan  USA
"I posted a pic on the FB page of me with my crutcheze.
I don't think I could love them more.  
Comfort!! and soo dang cute! 
I want pink now!" Nicole, Hawaii USA

"Awesome product and fast shipping! Pleasure doing business thank you! Keep up the awesome customer service!" Kayla, Massachusetts, USA
"I love my items!!  They got here incredibly fast too...Your business & service are wonderful.  If you ever need a helping hand in Anchorage, let me know.  Thank you again." Malinda, Alaska USA
"Thank you for the very fast shipping!!  The crutch pads are wonderful and my hands and arms thank you!!" Jennifer, Arizona USA
"WOW!  Speedy service seems to be a surprise to us these days! Thank you for your quick processing of our order!" Kim, Montana USA
"You guys ROCK!!!! I ordered late Saturday and got these surgery is today so my crutches are ready to go! Thank you so much for the quick service!" Jennifer, South Carolina, USA

"After careful evaluation of crutch accessories on the market today, we chose Crutcheze athletic brand of mobility comfort products because they are made of the best medical performance materials available and are designed by healthcare professionals," said Amanda Hall, Advanced Foot and Ankle Medical Center medical assistant.
Read full press release here.

"At Admiral Medical Supplies customers are our first priority," said Jim Scuffil, Admiral Medical Supplies owner. "All of our products are designed and chosen for their quality, ease of use and benefit provided. Crutcheze products definitely meet our standards in each key area and are a great addition to our mobility product offering."

"We are pleased to be carrying Crutcheze products at our St. John's (Santa Monica) and Cedars Sinai (Los Angeles) locations" said Nicole Cruz, Horton & Converse Pharmacies.  "Crutcheze crutch and walker accessories have the perfect blend of fashion and function that our customers really enjoy."

"As an occupational therapist, I am always on the look out for innovative products that provide our customers the unique combination of functionality with a sense of style," said Arline Schwechter, Astoria Surgical Supplies North owner.  "Crutcheze products are a perfect addition to our mobility product mix because they support this concept, which helps our customers have independent, productive and satisfying lives."
"We recently started carrying Crutcheze crutch and walker accessories because of the high quality of their engineered design.  They use anti-bacterial treatments, contoured padding, moisture wicking and waterproof fabrics, which is perfect for our customers in Florida,"  said Rocky Baratta, Atlantic Healthcare Products owner. 
"I'm very excited to be offering Crutcheze crutch accessories to our patients," said Shelly Rakers, SHCD DME manager.  "I have been approached by other vendors but after reviewing and comparing what's on the market today, I believe Crutcheze products are of the highest quality and design, which makes them best suited for our patients." 

"I just had unexpected surgery and ended up on
crutches.  Crutcheze crutch covers saved the day
- and my armpits!
They looked great and I got tons of compliments. 
I've always recommended Crutcheze to my re:covers
 cast and walking boot customers but now,
more than ever, will emphasize they are a must-have!"
Kelly Marchetti, founder and owner re:covers

"The response to seeing my
has prompted people to comment & compliment
very cool way to meet people!!  Also, got
rave response
at my Dr's office yesterday...
one was "got a new ride",
made us laugh."
Kanela, Florida USA

Westerville, OH USA

"Hi. Recently I had total knee replacement and was
your product for my walker.  I was thrilled to
put the 
hand grips on for additional comfort and
they exceeded my expectations
. So I was moving
around the house very nicely, but when I
went to
get the mail, from outside I remembered 
the add'l item
-- the bag --
now how do I get back with the mail? 
So I hobbled back up the
driveway and
quickly attached the bag for carrying items. 
 I have a lap cat that would keep me company
during the days
and I put a bag of "cat treats" into
my handy bag.  We both
loved my new
attachment.  Your product worked well
assisted in my recovery.  I would
any and all of your products!"
Jeff, Colorado USA

"Just wanted to thank you for sending my crutch
 to the hotel I was staying at in Hawaii.  They
arrived in time and
worked greatI was able to
walk a lot more with my crutches
that I had been
able to before.  I even went to the ocean a
bit with my crutches. Plus
they looked great and
I got lots of compliments on my
fancy pads!"
Rene, Minnesota, USA

"I ruptured my achilles tendon and was
stuck with crutches
after surgery.  I found
my crutches very uncomfortable
hard on my hands.  I searched everywhere
for something
that would make my crutches
more tolerable...
I found and placed my order.
I really liked the patterns.  I chose camo. 
They are comfortable and
I would recommend them to anyone
who might have the unfortunate
need of crutches.
Thanks again for this GREAT product!!!"
Justin, Georgia USA
"My friend loves the
Black & White Hibiscus Crutch Pads and Bag! 
She gets so many comments from others
as to how cool they are."
Laurie H, Colorado USA
"My dear Lizzy Lou (my niece) fell a few weeks
before her mommy did. She was running..."

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