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Walker Accessories & Crutches

Crutch Accessories & Walker Accessories

"I love the items  I ordered. They will help a miserable event be a bit more enjoyable.  Thank you for the prompt service and the high quality merchandise.  I am leery of ordering things sight unseen and I am impressed with your quality and price."  Carol, Iowa, USA            
"You CANNOT believe what a difference your product has made for me to "survive" using my crutches!! I love the material, the padding, and the pocket.....You Rock!" Lori, Pennsylvania USA
"...I love my Crutcheze!!! Thanks" Jim, New York USA
"Awesome product and very fast shipping! Pleasure doing business thank you! Keep up the awesome customer service!" Kayla, Massachusetts, USA
I just wanted to thank you SO MUCH. I got my crutch pads in 2 days, SO FAST. They have really helped as well. Just thanks so much for getting them sent out quickly and everything. Definitely my top choice now for crutch accessories! And recommending to all of my crutch-baring friends!" Taylor, Pennsylvania, USA           
"I am a physical therapist....Your crutch pads are wonderful. I wrote your web-site and phone number in our Ortho office where I work for future reference for our staff (to give to patients)." Katie, Colorado USA
"I love your products! I can't say enough good about them. As a 51 yr old woman needing crutches, your products are a life saver! Your product is awesome, shipping FAST! Vicki, Michigan USA
"I just got my stuff and I wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the quick delivery!! My hands are now a lot happier!!" Bonnie, Wisconsin USA
"I love my items!! They got here incredibly fast too...Your business & service are wonderful. If you ever need a helping hand in Anchorage, let me know. Thank you again." Malinda, Alaska USA
"Thank you for the very fast shipping!! The crutch pads are wonderful and my hands and arms thank you!!" Jennifer, Arizona USA
"I just got them, they are soooo cute and colorful and cushy and they got here fast!!! And I got them on clearance price!! I am soooo happy!!! Thank you so much!!!!" Jami, California, USA
"My new crutch pads arrived the day before I went in for foot surgery (less than 3 days after placing the order). I'm now back from surgery and delighted with the product. The pads have helped increase my growing crutch skills in a major way. I was so impressed with both the product and service, I shared your contact information with my hospital Physical Therapist. She'd indicated that people were always asking her for crutch pad sources, but that she'd been puzzled as to where to send them. Thanks so much for a great product!" Jamie, Massachusetts, USA
"That was super fast, thanks! My daughter will love them." Nancy, Maryland, USA
"Thank you for your extremely fast shipping. My son is very happy. Thanks" Bob, Pennsylvania, USA (What did Bob order for his son that made him so happy? A set of black padded covers.)
"Just wanted to let you know that I received my order today and couldn't be happier! My crutch covers arrived sooner than I expected and are very comfortable, and everyone else in the plant is jealous and wishing they were on crutches. (not really) Anyway, I just want to say thank you for your speedy service and above average product! It'll make the next few weeks on crutches a little more bearable. Thank you" Al, New York USA
"Many thanks for your excellent and expedient processing of my order! I received my Crutcheze pads today, 2 days ahead of the anticipated delivery date. Thank goodness that I found your website and received these so quickly. The pads are already making getting around with crutches so much more bearable. Cheers for your great service" Jim, Pennsylvania USA
"You made ordering from Crutcheze extremely EZE!! ....thanks so much!!! Great products!" Sandy, Michigan USA
"Thank you so much for our Crutcheze! The order came faster than I would have even thought possible, thank goodness. My husband loves them and they are making his crutches much more comfortable. I have done a lot of online shopping and your service was by far the best I have ever encountered. Thanks for such GREAT service!" Shannon, California USA
"I want to thank you for the great service when placing my order and that I received the items yesterday and they are wonderful! Your customer service is excellent and shipping was very fast. I truly appreciate it and will refer you to anyone else who might need your service!" Beth, Wisconsin USA
"Customer service was absolutely the best! Amy was extremely kind and accommodating! She even mailed my order within 1 hour so that I would receive it the next day. The crutch pads are wonderful and the crutch bag is extremely useful. I have had numerous compliments from friends and strangers." Jeri, Colorado USA
"Received the covers on Friday morning! They are perfect and very comfortable. Thank you for your prompt, efficient and wonderful customer service. I will recommend you to everyone!" Lori, California USA
"We were so impressed that we had ordered the last package on a Sat afternoon and it came in the mail Monday. The original pair was for my daughter who had knee surgery due to a cheerleading injury. They work great. Her friend broke her leg cheerleading last night and so we thought we'd order some for her. Thanks" Holly, Colorado USA
"I had ACL surgery in January and was on crutches for four months. I found your product online and since then have purchased two sets (crutch pads and bag which I choose to call a coosy) for two different friends who have been on crutches for extended periods. Your products rock! Ann, Pennsylvania USA
"The Crutcheze were received and are loved! They have given me so much relief on the second day!" Mark, New Jersey USA
"...Ed LOVES them. He had no idea something like Crutcheze existed! Sometimes it really is the little things that make such a big difference in someone's life." Kay, Georgia USA
"I received them today, I'm loving them, already got a compliment and went out to one place! Gina, California USA
"I just received my crutch pad and crutch bag combo pack. I am extremely happy. More so, my hands are ecstatic. The pain has definitely lessened. I have the larger, heavy duty crutches made by Medline and I was concerned about the fitment of the underarm pads. I ordered anyway, taking a shot in the dark. I can say, without question, the underarm pads will fit the larger underarm pads. You must really stretch the fabric and it is tight but it works. The padding doesn't go all the way from tip to tip on the pads but does fill the center portion and gives relief to your ribs. The heavy duty crutches are made with pads that are about 2-3 inches longer than the standard and they have more of a "U" shape to them. The Crutcheze pads fill that "U" shape well. I really like the crutch bag as well. It makes it much easier to carry around those smaller items everyone seems to need daily. I really like the dedicated cell phone pocket. My water bottle fits nicely and I can stash my wallet in the outer pocket. It's safer to get my wallet from the crutch bag than trying to reach around to my back pocket while balancing that crutch that's in the way. Thank You for a great product." Russ, Pennsylvania, USA
"...thank you for your forearm crutch cuff covers. I have a pediatric-sized cuff, and even that cuff is too big without padding. No other cuff pad supported my arm enough to make any difference. Yours have just enough support -- not too thin, and not too thick. Without them, my stick would be unusable. Thank you" Amy, Pennsylvania, USA
"Your products are very affordable and the ordering process was so easy! Thanks again!" Michelle, Georgia USA
"I just want to say how absolutely fantastic the crutch pad covers are. I ordered the hot pink since they were on clearance. They are really pretty, easy to put on and are a great value! Thank you!" Marcia, Arizona USA
"We just got the Crutcheze pads and my son says they are wonderful. What a difference!" Jenny, Minnesota, USA
"I just wanted to tell you I got the package yesterday and I wish I had found your website when I first broke my ankle! The pads are wonderful and I can finally carry my cup of coffee!!! I will recommend you to anyone I see on crutches that is for sure!!" Stephanie, Conneticut USA
"Thank you! I received the package Saturday! Love my Skins...added some fun and sunshine to my 10 days in bed after foot surgery. Finally I can carry a water bottle/cell phone thanks to the pouch. Keep up the good work." Arleen, Conneticut USA
"I put the red pads on my crutches right away and I love how they cushion and grip my arms. It makes using the crutches easier and more comfortable." David, New York USA
"I received them on Wednesday! Ahhhhhhh. I love them and wanted to say thanks!" Christy, Oklahoma USA
"I love my new crutch covers!! I have to use crutches for 6-8 weeks and these just added a little bit of pizzazz to this experience. Everyone comments on how "stylish" and colorful they are and I've been giving out your website like crazy! Thanks for making crutches comfortable, functional and FUN. I'm ordering another set." Merke, Florida USA
"I ordered a complete set of pads and bag, and I absolutely love them. I had been on crutches for 6 weeks consecutively, and had been told I was going to be on them for at least 12 more weeks, possibly a full year. I'm starting graduate school in biodmedical sciences, and must be able to work in a lab. These things make that possible. I have a unique condition on the inner condyle of my left femur that makes my healing time expected to a be a long one, as no one has seen it exactly before. This will make my life that much easier. Thanks" Megan, Kentucky USA
"The walker padded hand grips and bags are fantastic! I was using a washcloth for hand grip padding, which worked but was very unsightly. These are much nicer--very nice looking and comfortable. The fabric colors and patterns are great--really amuses the user." Anne, Pennsylvania USA
"My Crutcheze order just arrived and I put the pads on my crutches. They make the crutches much more comfortable to use. Thanks for your help!!" Nicole, Maryland USA
"I have surgery tomorrow. I have been on crutches for 2 weeks and my arms are killing me...looks like I'll be on them for another 2 months...I wanted to let you know that your product looks awesome and I can't wait to be able to use the pouch on the crutch...thanks guys are outstanding." Jeanine, Illinois USA
"The forearm crutch pads work great!" Anson, Arizona USA
"I just wanted to thank you for the great service and product. We put the pads on my daughter's crutches, and she is much, much more comfortable. They're much better than the cushioning I cobbled together with an old mattress and pillowcase :)." Ruth, Michigan USA
"I simply adore the forearm cuff covers. Going about in the cold, the padding has, I think, helped me to travel more safely and with greater comfort. They have proved their worth to me first thing in the morning, as cold steel on bare arms is not a particularly pleasant way to start the day.... In short, I have found a product I have needed for years, and I am pleased, quite pleased with the Crutcheze cuff...I will continue to use them and to purchase replacements regularly. I find the pricing of the product reasonable, as the covers are of great value to me." George, Georgia, USA
"Thank you so much. I received them yesterday. They have been such a big help. My hands were raw and the side of my torso was raw as well. I was using bike gloves for padding for my hands. But, these are so much better. My crutches are so comfortable now. I am a Physical Therapist Assistant . I will be recommending Crutcheze to all my crutch patients." Wynette, California USA
"The response to seeing my leopard Crutcheze has prompted people to comment & compliment them, very cool way to meet people!! Also, got rave responseat my Dr's office was "got a new ride",made us laugh." Kanela, Florida USA
"Hi. Recently I had total knee replacement and was gifted your product for my walker. I was thrilled to put the hand grips on for additional comfort and they exceeded my expectations.
So I was moving around the house very nicely, but when I went to get the mail, from outside I remembered the add'l item -- the bag -- now how do I get back with the mail? So I hobbled back up the driveway and quickly attached the bag for carrying items. I have a lap cat that would keep me company during the days and I put a bag of "cat treats" into my handy bag. We both loved my new attachment. Your product worked well and assisted in my recovery. I would recommend any and all of your products!"Jeff, Colorado USA
"Just wanted to thank you for sending my crutch pads to the hotel I was staying at in Hawaii. They arrived in time and worked great. I was able to walk a lot more with my crutches that I had been able to before. I even went to the ocean a little bit with my crutches. Plus they looked great and I got lots of compliments on my fancy pads! Rene, Minnesota, USA

"I ruptured my achilles tendon and was stuck with crutches after surgery. I found my crutches very uncomfortable and hard on my hands. I searched everywhere for something that would make my crutches more tolerable...I found and placed my order.I really liked the patterns. I chose camo. The crutcheze are a lifesaver! They are comfortable and I would recommend them to anyone who might have the unfortunate need of crutches. Thanks again for this GREAT product!!!" Justin, Georgia USA
" hooked up by Dr. Thomas Lee with some of your Crutcheze pads, which are great!!!" Rickey The-Answer Ralston
"i posted a pic on the FB page of me with my crutcheze. i don't think i could love them more. comfort!! and soo dang cute! i want pink now!" Nicole, Hawaii USA
"Your product was a lifesaver. They helped my daughter so much and everyone loved the design." Martha, North Carolina USA
"I received my pink tye dye crutch covers yesterday..they are so cute!! I took them to a friends house to show her. We decided anytime someone has to go on crutches for any reason...they are getting crutch covers for gifts. Thanks!!" Susan, Texas, USA
"The handgrips are AWESOME! They work great! I love them and the color! I also LOVE the tribal tatttoos I have them on the crutches already....They are so great...Thank you for everything, you have made this experience really great for me, which is really great for my husband also!" Jennifer, Illinois, USA
"Thank you so much for the skins you sent (both the tie-dyed to match my others and the new, sleek metallic gray set). The skins fit perfectly on my crutches and the new material is really great....Your commitment to making an excellent product and to customer satisfaction have made a big impression on me, and I have been telling everyone how much I love Crutcheze....Thank you again." Lisa, Texas, USA 
"I JUST received my order today and I could not be happier! I have been on crutches/walker for 3 weeks and was in misery--NOW I am actually looking forward to my next 3 weeks of using them in COMFORT!! Thank you so very much! I will reccommend this site to all of my friends should they need it!! I will also inform my surgeon of the site also!
THANK YOU!" Cheryl, Iowa, USA
"Thank you! We got them in the mail on Saturday and my son loves them! He said it is so much better with the padding!" -- one week later -- "...he is still loving them!" Kelley, Georgia, USA
"The stickers are wonderful. Thank you, thank you! Your Crutcheze site has made me a little happier, and more comfortable in my not so good time." Emily, Michigan USA
"The Skins are great! It uplifted my spirits to have the red tribal tattoo skins on my crutches. I had to travel to see my mother while on crutches and everyone I came in contact with in my travels wanted to know where I got them. I made a lot of new friends thanks to Crutcheze. Thank you for putting a little spice in my life." Dana, Colorado USA            
"The Crutcheze arrived today. My 11 year old son couldn't be happier with the design that I chose for him. You definitely made ordering with you a pleasure." Cindy, Connecticut USA (BTW The design she chose? Cindy bought a set of skulls for her son.)
"Andrew got his cast off on Friday which reminded me to send a full report of our experience your way. First of all, everyone who saw his crutches (doctors, nurses, friends, classmates...even docents at the theater) commented on the crutch pads; many called them the 'coolest' crutches they've seen. Beyond aesthetics, the pads have been great. As for the problem Andrew had with the deteriorating standard crutch pads during his first round of crutches, your pads solved it!" Susan, Illinois, USA
"I LOVE the purple crushed velvet and it's a close enough match to the purple bag that I already own. Heehee. Even my husband likes it, probably because it's the same shade of purple as his beloved Minnesota Vikings. Thanks again" Sarah, Michigan, USA
"My sister has had one of the Designer Canes for about two years. She just loves it and people are always saying how pretty it is. She had to go to a walker now, she has the Crutcheze Walker Padded Hand Grips. I know she will enjoy them just as much. Thank you so much for making her life a little better. My brother-in-law is also using a set of the walker hand grips." Shirley, Colorado, USA
"The covers are very comfortable. Got lots of nice comments about the colours too :) As for the bag it's worth every dollar! I can fit my 600ml drink in it...I can have my phone on me all the time, which would have been helpful in the beginning when I was paranoid about falling over and being able to get help!!!" Sarah, Australia
"Just a quick thank you again for my wonderful Crutcheze. I have been suffering with terrible padding for way too long! These are great not just because the padding is wonderful, but they are also not wearing on my clothes like the regular crutch padding. Thanks again" Molly, South Carolina, USA
"I love the deep purple colored pads!" Rosalyn, California, USA
"I LOVE THEM....They are great!" Jackie, Ontario, Canada
"I wanted to take a moment to thank you very much for the great service and product provided by you and Crutcheze. I happened to "stumble" across your site via a clip that I saw on YouTube. I had just gotten out of the hospital following surgery on my broken ankle and I was doing some 'surfing'. I was hoping to find something out there to make my crutches comfortable. Fortunately for me, that product is the pads from Crutcheze. As you are aware, crutches aren't exactly the most comfortable way to walk, however the Crutcheze pads I bought do make the crutches more comfortable. That was also why I bought a second set! I figure that if I need to be on crutches, I should be as comfortable as possible. The Crutcheze pads make that possible. I will definitely recommend them when I meet others on crutches....The pads are simple but effective and I'm glad I've got them! Thanks again." Larry, Ontario, Canada
"I recently bought your crutch pads and I looooooooove them. Love them. I'm currently still at home, in my post-surgery two weeks "don't do ANYTHING!" marching orders from my orthopedic clinic. (Did I mention I love my crutch pads? No soreness AT ALL and I am 100% non-weight bearing on my right leg) ... Thank you!!" Sarah, Michigan, USA
Sarah's update after 7 weeks...
"I just wanted to update and tell you how great the crutch BAG has been. After my first two weeks from surgery, my mom went home and my husband was working full time. I was still 100% non-weight bearing. The crutch bag made it super-easy to go to the fridge and drop a bottle of water, a container of Yoplait yogurt, and a spoon in the bag and go back to my sofa. It's given me a little bit more independence that I couldn't mange, since I was unable to put my right foot down. Now, at just over 7 weeks post-op and back to work, the crutch bag is still useful. For example, when I fill up my travel coffee mug with hot water for tea, I can drop it in my crutch bag and get back to my office without carrying a hot item while on crutches. It's also great for holding my work keys and the occasional piece of paperwork that I need to carry around the office. It's been a total life saver for me.  Thanks! 7 weeks down, 5 to go!" Sarah, Michigan, USA

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