Get Back To It!

by Chris Hotz

Our story is born out of the utilitarian nature of medical devices. From wheelchairs to walkers and crutches, all are built primarily for function. While function is paramount, the desire for comfort, style, and features increases the longer one uses any of these devices. Amy, the founder of Crutcheze, spent years of hospital shifts watching all sorts of patients using crutches and walkers; more often than not in some state of discomfort. She took that experience and through hard work, trial and error, and a strong medical background, built what is now Crutcheze: The leading manufacturer or comfort products for medical mobility devices.

Thousands of people end up on crutches every year. We give them the option to have a significantly less painful recovery with our legendary padded crutch covers. Not only do they help alleviate sore underarms and hands, but the assortment of different colors offer some level of personalization for people at a time that is, well, really not much fun. When it comes to a permanent mobility device such as a rollator, we offer fashion and comfort. Our rollator covers allow users to customize their walker to be unique, express style and even change with the seasons. The light, breathable material also makes those hot and sticky vinyl seats a thing of the past.

We make our products with care in the USA out of the highest quality materials available. Crutcheze is the worlds leading manufacturer of crutch & walker accessories. Our mission is to help people Get Back To It™ by making life on crutches or walkers more comfortable.