How to wash your Crutcheze® Products

by Chris Hotz

Congratulations on purchasing the original, made in the USA, highest quality crutch and walker accessories. One of the best features of Crutcheze® is the products are completely washable. The padded covers are made so the foam is easily removed before washing. You can leave the foam in the padded set, but to maintain the integrity of the foam, it is recommended that you can either remove the foam or simply air dry the item after it is washed in the machine. Please make sure you secure all parts that have Velcro, so it does not stick to itself or other items in the machine. Another cool feature is that most of our solid colors are made with a material that is treated with an antibacterial solution that is good up to 50 washes. It helps protect against worsening any infections or carrying any bacterial while you rehab. You never know what you are exposed to in clinical settings.

Crutcheze Black Crutch Pads

Keep your Crutcheze® Pads fresh and new!

1. Simply take item(s) off your mobility device

2. (Recommended, but not necessary) Remove the foam from padded covers.

3. Please attach all Velcro pieces to avoid snags.

4. Wash with normal laundry. Air dry if foam is still inserted.


Crutcheze Anti-Bacterial Fabric Bodycare

5. Inserting the foam back into the washed fabric piece is simple:

Crutch Pads- roll up the fabric piece and slide it over the foam (ex. Similar to putting a sock onto someone else)

Crutch Hand Grips/Walker Hand Grips- slide foam back into the fabric piece and simply work the fabric around the foam until seems are lined up with the middle of the side of the foam.

High Density Premium Medical Grade Foam

Simple as that! Your Crutcheze® items should be like new and ready to provide the stability and comfort you rely on- Now Get Back To It™.