What makes the BEST crutch pad foam?

by Chris Hotz

There are a number of different options when buying comfort pads for crutches nowadays. Here’s a quick buying guide of what to look for.

1.The foam thickness: Pick a pad that is thick enough to offer real comfort. Hint: If you can still feel the rubber pad that came with the crutches under the foam comfort pad, they are not thick enough.

2. The foam shape: For a crutch comfort pad to provide maximum comfort, the foam should be contoured, or shaped to fit over the crutch pad. Some inexpensive crutch pads just use a square of foam that’s all the same thickness. Contoured foam is thicker on top of the pad to keep your arms comfortable, but thin on the sides do it doesn’t rub.

3. The quality of the foam: High-density polyethylene foam lasts longer, is latex free, and will keep you comfortable much longer than other varieties.

4. Country of origin: Pads made in the USA will generally be of much higher quality that copy-cat products like those sold by companies like Vive on Amazon. Companies like Vive sell inferior, Chinese-made products that are usually direct copies of top selling products. They sell them for less because they skimp on materials, which means less comfort. These companies manipulate reviews to make customers think their products are better than they are…..buyer beware.

The top crutch pad brands to look at are:

In summary, look for high quality, thick, contoured foam if you want to get the most comfort during your time on crutches. With crutch pads, you truly get what you pay for.

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