Crutch Pads & Hand Grip Covers | Antibacterial with Crutch Holder

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Crutches Pads are designed for ultimate comfort to cushion your underarms and hands while on crutches. High quality USA MADE foam allows for comfortable long term use when using traditional crutches.- MADE IN USA! Ultimate Comfort, Style, Easy Care, Protection. One size fits all standard underarm crutches.


BONUS Crutch Holder now included with any Crutch Pad purchase! A $4.99 value. This versatile little gadget helps keep your crutches from falling. If this is your first time on crutches you will quickly learn how frustrating it is to constantly pick them up off the floor. It also has many uses when you no longer need your crutches. CRUTCHEZE WEBSITE EXCLUSIVE!


 Product Details

Crutcheze Underarm Crutch Padded Covers Set includes 2 padded underarm covers and 2 padded hand grip covers that fit over the standard crutch rubber pads. We use only the highest quality foam and fabrics in all our products.

Read installation instructions on the packaging carefully making sure to keep the original rubber pads on the crutches before installing.

BONUS Crutch Holder

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 BONUS Crutch Holder in Use

crutches holder
How To Fit
 How to adjust crutch pads to crutches
How to adjust height of hand grip on crutches