Odor Removing Spray by Crutcheze | 6oz

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Multiple Use Odor Destroying Spray


Ideal for medical applications including: Wheelchairs, crutch pads, diabetic socks, reusable bandages, and any other medical products that are susceptible to odors.


Does anyone in your family have shoe so stinky you can't bring them in the house? Apply our spray to the inside of the smelliest shoes and you can finally bring them in the house.


Gym Bags & Athletic Gear

Keep your gym bag from grossing you out by spraying once a week with a quick shot of our odor destroying spray. Also works great on socks, shorts and athletic equipment.

Safe & Biodegradable Odor Remover

Crutcheze odor destroying spray uses a patented oxidative, safe form of the chlorine molecule. When first applied there is a mild chlorine smell that quickly dissipates; but rest assured this is NOT bleach! It is an organic, biodegradable active chlorine coating that is the same element found in table salt. This results in odor elimination at a molecular level and a sanitary clean smell without the negative attributes of bleach.