Microfiber Duster - Flexible for Hard to Reach Areas

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This eco-friendly, stainless steel dusting tool uses a washable microfiber cover.  The thin, flexible head is designed to reach those tight spots you may NEVER get to with traditional alternatives.  Have you ever looked in a tight spot and been disgusted at the dust and debris you can't reach?  Well get it out with this tool!  Great for hidden dust bunnies, pet hair, and who knows what else might be hiding.  


 NOTE:  We search for high quality products to assist Crutcheze customers during their rehabilitation or to stay in shape.  Some of these products ship from partners around the globe.  This product may take several weeks to arrive, so please be patient.  Like all our products, this product is guaranteed.  If you have any issues, contact us and we will make it right.  Crutcheze has been thrilling customers for over 20 years.