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Comfort & Relief

· Add a little bit of comfort to the time spent using your cane

· Our Cane Pad was designed by healthcare professionals to provide maximum pressure relief while using a cane

· Tapered high density foam allows for easy wrapping around a fritz type cane (offset T handle)

· Soft stretch fabric offers abrasion relief for your hands

· Feel secure with the extra strength hook & loop fasteners

· Buy confidently, knowing we are here to help with any questions outfitting your cane pad

About Our Cane Pad

· The ORIGINAL contoured cane pad

· Slip resistant rubber backing with notches to fit snugly on fritz type canes. (off-set T handle)

· Highly engineered premium medical foam padding provides superior comfort.

· Antibacterial, moisture wicking, breathable fabric keeps hand dry and comfortable.

· Easy to install - Align notch, stretch cover over cane, attach hook & loop for instant fit.

· Fits most common fritz cane handles

· Latex free

· Machine washable

· Made in USA

· Cane Not Included

Proudly Made in America

Experience the difference of premium USA made foam to offer pressure relief to your hand!

Crutcheze Cane Pad helps you get back to it.

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