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Rollator Walker Covers - Add comfort, style and protection to your rollator with our industry leading covers. One size fits all standard 4 wheel rolling walkers. Made in USA.

NOTE : DOES NOT FIT BARIATRIC OR LARGER ROLLATOR WALKERS. If you have any questions about sizing please contact us before ordering.

Contains one seat cover and one backrest cover. 
Product Detail
  • Fashionable form-fitting covers protect padded seat and backrest from daily wear, tear and sun damage.
  • Made from the finest materials that are resistant to dirt and body oils.
  • Seat cover features a sewn-in adjustable elastic cord with a cord lock for a secure fit.
  • Backrest cover wraps over rollbar padding and attaches with Velcro, which offers a snug fit.
  • One size fits most rollator walkers.  Seat cover vertical stretch up to 15 1/2" and horizontal stretch up to 16 1/2".  Backrest cover vertical stretch up to 6 1/2" and horizontal stretch up to 18 1/2". 
  • Machine wash, cold water, line dry.
  • Made in USA of imported stretch fabric.
  • The product is latex free.
  • Wt: 2.6 oz.
Features & Benefits

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