HOTZ Pressure Point Prism

Hotz Pressure Point Prism
Relief and stretching for hamstrings
stretch your hamstrings while travelling
improves bloodflow to the legs while on the go
sore hamstring relief
lower back pain helper

HOTZ Pressure Point Prism

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Used by Fitness Instructors

The HOTZ brand Pressure Point Prism offers pinpoint relief for hamstrings, muscle soreness and injuries. Unlike foam rollers, our prism is designed for trigger point relief. The secret is in the shape: A prism offers a wide stable base and a pinpoint edge to address specific trouble areas. Made in the USA of high quality medical grade foam, with a removable washable cover.

The Pressure Point Prism is a great alternative or addition to foam rollers and other rehabilitation aids. Its compact size makes it ideal for those on the go.

Pinpoint Relief

Prism shape offers trigger point relief to address specific soreness. The prism is extremely effective on hamstrings.

Compact Size

Ideal to keep in your car, backpack or suitcase; the Pressure Point Prism is designed for people on the go.

Multiple Applications

Try the prism on your neck, lower back, glutes or anywhere else that requires attention.

High Quality Foam

Unlike hard Styrofoam rollers, the prism is constructed of medical grade high density foam that reacts to weight put on it and returns to its shape after use.

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