32" Reacher Grabber - 2 Pack

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Crutcheze reacher grabber puts your life in reach. Crutcheze reacher has a 32" reach to help make retrieving items on the ground or a shelf a breeze. Built to last with a stronger with a metal trigger pin and wire.  An absolute must-have for anyone rehabbing an injury.  Don't bend too far and re-injure  yourself!

Product Description

  • 32" additional reach to pick up items that are slightly out of reach.  
  • Adjustable grabber head rotates for optimal positioning
  • Medal trigger pin and wire helps provide EXTRA STRENGTH for long-lasting use. 
  • Ergonomic handle allows for a comfortable and natural grip 
  • Rubber grip jaw allows to pick up even the smallest items with ease. 
  • The product is latex free
Features & Benefits